Stefan Kazakis is the voice of reason. He’s a global business coach, a world-class keynote speaker and the owner of multiple businesses. Unlike other business speakers who consult but don’t ‘do’, his knowledge and experience is based on hard-won lessons learnt from 25 years building and growing multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. 

He offers real-world advice and distills that knowledge into actionable strategies and tactics suitable for every organisation – from Tier 1 companies with thousands of employees, to Tier 2 companies and SMEs with the appetite for growth but lacking the skills and discipline to achieve it.

Stefan is renowned for putting his heart, energy and money on the table to build and grow successful businesses. He walks the talk.  In short, what he has done for his own businesses, he does for others.   

He knows your business can be bigger, better and more successful and he knows how to get you there.

He knows the value of people and the power of team development and alignment living the values and goals of the organization. All things being equal people want to contribute to something that is going somewhere great. 

He knows how to mobilise a workforce - be it factory workers or senior executives – and how to get them moving towards a congruent goal.
He offers real-world advice, solutions and ‘the brutal truth’ every executive or business owner needs to achieve unparalleled success. 

Contact Stefan for a complimentary coffee and chat and he’ll discuss how he has helped companies achieve real results and how he can do the same for you or your conference delegates. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth business speaker who can uplift, connect and inspire business audiences, book Stefan now.



From Deadwood to Diamonds... every small business can achieve big business success

I’ve been to many seminars and have found Stefan to be on par with some of the world’s best.
— Linda McNeill – Kroft Technical Solution
We’ve increased our business turnover, profit and customers thanks to Stefan
— Becca Chan, TFN